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Kfar Netter

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Kfar Netter

Kfar Neter is a cooperative Moshav just north of Beit Yehoshua, and south of Netanya, and is part of the Sharon Coastal Municipality. The village was established in 1939 by the graduates of the Mikveh Israel agricultural school, as part of the Tower and Stockade method of the time. The Moshav has over 100 agricultural lots, and there are a few lots for sale. The target buyers are typically well-to-do Israelis, some from nearby Netanya. The lots in the Moshav are 12 dunam adjacent to a house, plus another 12 dunam. Homes for sale, as part of the expansion of the Moshav, are typically 250 square meters, and sit on lots spanning 500 square meters.

799 | Nouvelle maison à vendr à proximité de l'écol
35.00 Million NIS
Ferme: Nouvelle Maison à vendre proche de l'école américaine
surface: 800
superficie terrain: 15000
supplement terrain: פלסנר
chambres: 8
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