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Tel Mond Area

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Tel Mond Area

Tel Mond is a small town in the heart of the Sharon, just north of Kfar Saba. In 1954, the moshav was converted into a local municipality. The town of Tel Mond was established in 1929, and named after Alfred Mond, also known as Lord Melchett, a Zionist Englishman who established the “Eretz Yisrael Grove Company.” The nearby town of Kadima closely regulates building single-level luxury homes, as well as many well-kept gardens and public spaces. The “Eretz Yisrael Grove Company” has planted several groves in town, and created agricultural lots, in addition to marketing lots for houses for local residents. In recent years, new neighborhoods have popped up, featuring luxury homes and houses, gardens, and parks, all the while maintaining the unique nature and atmosphere of the town.

795 | Nouvelle Maison à Ein Vered
6.40 Million NIS
surface: 425
superficie terrain: 485
supplement terrain:
chambres: 8
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