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Property Liens
The placing of a lien prevents the possibility a property being sold. A debt-holder may place a lien against the property of a debtor in order to attach the property as a guarantee against payment of the debt. A lien is also levied as a temporary remedy by the courts, when a suit has been filed against the property owner and the existence of a monetary debt is still not clearly established. This lien will be removed if the suit is rejected or if the debt is paid. In addition, when there is a clear monetary debt as a result of a judgment or a promissory note, the Debt Execution Office is empowered to act to place a lien against the property, and even to realize the lien by selling the property at a public auction and turning the proceeds over to the debt holder.

If a lien is placed after the recording of a Cautionary Notice against the same property, the recording the lien will not infringe upon the rights of the owner of the Cautionary Notice.

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